Re: Off-topic: Openbook and Pearl for solving captcha?

Chris Smart <csmart8@...>

your best bet for solving capchas is still Webvisum.

At 09:16 PM 9/13/2011, you wrote:
when you run print screen then you need to print it and take a picture of it with the pearl camera with openbook and then let it run through the ocr. it most like will not work since the letters / words are so scrambled it takes a person with eyes sometimes several tries to get it correct > -----Original Message----- > From: [mailto:jfw-bounces@lists.the- >] On Behalf Of Amar Jain > Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2011 17:53 > To: > Subject: Off-topic: Openbook and Pearl for solving captcha? > > Dear Listers And Moderator, > This time my question is related to Pearl and Openbook for solving > captcha. I tried a lot to subscribe to open-book group on yahoo, but > neither the request is approved nor the moderator of the group replies > back to the email sent. Yahoo customer care also doesn’t do anything > unfortunately. And that is why I brought this here. > In the latest podcast, one of the things explained was that If you do > print screen, and run it through pearl, then there are chances of the > captcha getting recognized and read. > Now since there is no option to just convert any image into text > without taking snapshot through Pearl, does that mean that after doing > print screen, you can take picture of your monitor and then can read > it? > Or, is there any other way to which they are referring too in the > podcast? > Any explanation may be sent to me off the list, since many of us would > not want to read about openbook and pearl here. > Thanks And Regards, > Amar Jain. > -------------- next part -------------- > An HTML attachment was scrubbed... > URL: < >> > _______________________________________________ > Jfw mailing list > > _______________________________________________ Jfw mailing list

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