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Seldom if ever have I ever expressed any dissatisfaction with Freedom

I had been told to upgrade to JAWS 15 so finally I did it.

Well, with afriend watching my every move, I

Found it was very difficult to buy items on amazon.com/access,

Impossible to select a different gift recipientfrom a list of

People one lists for shipping, and impossible to change shipping options.

I was using the latest Firefox with JAWS 15.

I called Freedom Scientificand explained this. I was told sarcastically to
go buy a new version of JAWS which I frankly thought was totally out of
line-since F S had been tauting the virtues of JAWS 15 for sometime!

Thinking some one cared, I mentioned that JAWS does not work with the
Amazon music player-very useful for playing musicand

Downloading music.

Would you believe I was corrected in a short manner as the speaker from F
S quipped why would any one

Even want to use the music player.

Why would any one asksuch astupidquestion?

I guess we should be permitted to use some key Amazon features and not

He criticized me for using JAWS 15-which was what F S had been
recommending all along.

Great sarcastic moral support.

So I ask this.

Are people shopping using JAWS 15 and latest Firefox on Amazon.com/access?

I have watched friends use the Amazon music player and it has a lot of
good features. But F S I guess would

Dole outaccessibilityand maybe permit us to use it 3 versions from now. The

Called support hit hardas I spent a lot of time

Trying to use the Amazon site and the player.

Also F S support had told me that JAWS 15 worked with both.

Thank you and have a good day.

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