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Control shift O then arrow through the list of objects and press enter to
select the one you want. If you need to know what the objects are, and are
unsuccessful with the methods the other listers have put forward, you can
insert alternative text identifying the object with the assistance of a
visually equipped person. When the object is selected, go to the context
menu, up arrow to format and tab to alternative text, and insert your
description. .

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What do you do to list objects?

Best to you from,


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I'm testing a scanning software, so my question is this.

After scanning the document, it brings it up in word, I see all the text
the screen, but it says the document has 27 objects. I know how to list
objects but how do I read the content? I'm down arrowing and nothing is
said besides blank.

I'm using the 30 day abby fine reader btw.

Thank you.

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