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I'm definitely going to wait a while before getting this upgrade.

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Drew, it really depends on what you like to do when using your computer.
From all accounts, most of what we as screen reader users do with Windows 7
and 8.1, we should be able to do with Windows 10. The new Windows 10 has a
new web browser called the Edge, which may not deliver the best web
experience in the beginning. You can learn more about that by listening to
the Windows 10 discussion on Fs Cast EP 109. Glen Gordon was a guest on
that show, and he talks in depth about Windows 10. Also, from what he said
on the show, when you first install Windows 10, you won't have JAWS speech.
You will have to use narrator at first, and then once the set up wizzard has
finished, you can run JAWS and it will work, as long as you have the latest
build of JAWS 16. Magic users must be running version 13. I am a little
concerned about how frequently Microsoft plans to update this new version of
Windows. That was also discussed on the FS cast episode I referenced
earlier. I wonder how that will affect JAWS performance or any screen
reader or magnifier performance for that matter. Hope this helps!

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Dear list,

I know some of you have tested windows 10 and am wondering if you could give
me a quick overview of the new features and if it is worth upgrading right
away. I guess it is scheduled to be released tomorrow. thanks!

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