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Marvin, here is another site just from a quick Google search on tactile drawing. This might be a good solution as well for direct drawing.

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I ran into this problem over 20 years ago. I could not make diagrams that
required connecting shapes to show flow or correlation. I did find one
software package that had an underlying text script that defined all the
diagram elements, and realized that if I could understand the syntax of this
underlying language, I could possibly just create diagrams in text and then
import into the drawing package.

However I didn't have the time nor the necessity of having to do it, so I
personally did not pursue this idea.

So you may want to see if these programs have any way to import and export
the underlying data for use in other programs, and perhaps this might come
out as text for you to learn, manipulate, and use. It may take you a
semester just to learn how to use the software, but it could allow you to do
the coursework.

Sorry I have no idea what software I used back then, and likely it would not
even be around any more.

Good luck.

Dave Carlson
Oregonian, woodworker, Engineer, Musician, and pioneer

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Pasting an e-mail, from my lectuer.

Have to do use, case, state and other diagrams.

I am a blind it student, and this is a core subject.

Any ideas.

I use a screen reader jaws for windows from

Any ideas, any software, which will help.

Must be some software, that can design accessible diagrams.

Any ideas.


Marvin, that is a shame. I understand that diagrams are visual
representations, but to stop visually impaired from creating or using them
is not great.

There is a core Unit of Competency that is required to be completed for this
qualification. The important part of this unit is.

Elements and Performance Criteria



Elements describe the essential outcomes.

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate
achievement of the element.

1. Derive high-level design from specification

1.1 Develop static class diagram from given set of specifications

1.2 Develop either collaboration diagram or sequence diagram from given set
of specifications

1.3 Develop either activity diagram or state diagram from given set of

2. Refine design

2.1 Investigate and refine behaviour, state of classes and collaboration
between classes

2.2 Validate correct visibility of class services and state data

2.3 Identify generalisations within classes

2.4 Identify specialisations within classes

2.5 Apply principles of aggregation and composition to refine class design

3. Document design

3.1 Create detailed uniform modelling language (UML) static class diagrams

3.2 Create detailed UML collaboration or sequence diagrams

3.3 Create detailed UML activity or state diagrams

If you have any thoughts about how you could address these requirements? May
I suggest sending these requirements to some blind colleagues and see what
they might suggest.

Unfortunately, as this is a core unit of competence I am unable to change it
to another unit.

Let me know your thoughts.


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No accessible diagram software, so how do I do this assignment.

Unless, there are some more accessible ways to describe applications, or
processes, unless, iuse the entity designer in visual studio.

Any ideas.

Did ask a few blind tech people on a few tech lists, but no answers yet.



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