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Hello Greg,
I consider it a Jaws question, and I hope the following helps.
Cheers Kevin.
Spread Sheet Uniformity
You need to open the Home tab of the ribbon menus and tab down to the format
item just past the insert and delete cells items. Press enter on this Format
item and you will find the column width and row height formatting
dialogues. Select Autofit column width and Auto fit row height to make your
spreadsheet look good. There is also a wrap text item that you can use in
case you have a few cells with a lot of text in them.
What Jaws announces
For Jaws to announce that text has gone into the next cell go to Excel
settings, insert V, and arrow down to Workbook, worksheet, and Region
Settings Cell Appearance cell text visibility detection - set to On

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Hi all.

I'm not sure that this is a JAWS question or not but your help is
appreciated either way.

In excel 2010 I'd like to be able to identify cells that are "Obscured
widen" or cells that are not formulated correctly and show some kind of
error message. More or less I'd like to be able to proof the sheet before

Any thoughts on how to do this efficiently?



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