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Did you ever get answers to this, as I am also very, very interested.

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Hello list,

So I’ve been considering grabbing one of these tablets.

Mainly for leisurely use. Reading eBooks, audio/video stuff, Internet
browsing and so on. I’ll maybe connect my business emails to it, but beyond
that, I don’t’ expect to use it for work related purposes.

My understanding is that Jaws will work on this device. My question is,
considering that this tablet appears to only have 1GB of memory on board,
how much will the JFW user experience be compromised by this? Sluggishness
in speech, overall device slowing down, can I have more than one or two apps
running in the background along with Jaws, etc.?

Can the memory in fact be upgraded/expanded to 2GB?

I would appreciate any feedback users of this or perhaps an alternative
Windows 8.1 tablet can provide with their JFW 16 experiences.

Thank you,

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