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Adrian Spratt

This may seem like an indirect answer, but have you tried refreshing the screen with JAWS key+escape? If that doesn't work, try pressing F5 to reload the page, and then JAWS key+escape again. I've encountered the problem you describe, and these steps have always solved it.

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I'm getting a hijacked web page when I go to a certain site, replacing the the desired page with something Facebook -ee, and that cannot be closed.

This only happens when I go to the site with JAWS on. When sighted family members go to this site on this computer with JaAWS turned off, the desired webpage displays normally.

The site has looked int this, and it works fine for Chrome, Firefox, and Interenet Explorer, to sighted users, so they think it may either be something with JAWS or my computer.

I want to clear all cookies, temp files, and everything else from my Internet explorer 11 on my 64-bit Windows machine running JAWS 16.

I go to Tools and Internet Options in Internet Explorer, but I'm confused about whether the checkboxes listed there should be checked or unchecked to perform the desired deletions.

Can someone explain to me whether these boxes need to be checked or unchecked to delete these files?

Thanks in advance, Keith

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