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Microsoft unfortunately introduced some accessibility issues in Word 2013,
and navigating the spell checker is probably the biggest of these problems.
For instance, JAWS no longer announces spelling errors automatically every
time; sometimes you must press Tab and Shift Tab to accomplish this task.
Additionally, the spellcheck hotkeys (ignore, change, ignore all, etc.) no
longer work, though pressing them without the Alt key (I = ignore, c =
change, etc.) does the trick sometimes.

I hope Microsoft addresses these accessibility barriers in Office 2016.
Meanwhile, I hope the above observations help.

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Hi all,
Probably this question is a little bit stupid, but I don't see the way to
get what I need.
On Microsoft Word 2015, specifically on Office 365, when I press F7, to use
the spelling features, the dialog that opens is very different than that
appears on Outlook 2013. In the dialog on word 2013, doesn't appear the list
of suggestions. I tried to search the dialog using the OCR, even though it
didn't see anything like list of suggestions in this window. It doesn't
exist, or exist a keystroke to go to the list of suggestions?
Thanks for any advice.

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