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When I studied at the Illinois School for the Visually Impaired, a
residential school specializing in teaching adaptive skills, I was in one of
the most restrictive computer environments imaginable. Students were
prohibited from visiting any site that requires them to enter their personal
information (e.g. online stores and all sites requiring users to log in),
and many web pages, including Google, were completely blocked. As for
e-mail, all attachments with nontextual extensions (photos, music, videos,
etc.) were filtered out to prevent school computers from catching a virus.
Moreover, all traffic from outside the state network was marked as spam,
unless the address was in the user's contacts.

That being said, I strongly suspect your e-mail administrator's settings
interfere with your communication on this list. While there may be a
setting you can change yourself, I'm afraid the matter lies in the hands of
the state, which may have to work with the list administrator. I'm sorry I
can't be of greater assistance, but I hope your issues get resolved quickly.

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This is really for the administrator, so I'd be happy to go off list. I
just had to resubscribe, due to too many bounces. Anybody care to elaborate
on that? This is my state e-mail account. I just process them-read them,
delete them, respond to them, whatever. Is there anything I can do to
prevent this from happening?

I've had some strange experiences. A certain number of these messages wind
up in quarantine, or in junk mail. Once everything was funneled to junk
for several months; I thought I'd been dropped, and couldn't figure out why.
Now this.


Ted Lisle, PH.D., Medicaid services Specialist; phone: (502) 564-2574, X
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