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Well, I am not entirely sure what you are wanting to do.
If you want to see a document that has been edited as if there had
never been any edits, you can "reject" all the changes, assuming
the document was edited with "track changes" turned on. That,
will, however, permanently reverse all of the changes

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To: So, you are better make a back-up of
the file first.
You can temporarily hide the changes by putting the document in
"final" view. That, however, is like pretending all the changes
were "accepted."
There is also a view called "Original," but I think it shows the
changes in a kind of reverse though I confess I've never tried
this "Original" view. Perhaps it does what you want, shows the
document as though no changes have been made, but without, in
fact, affecting the structure of the file.
Try Alt and then r followed by tab. Arrow right until you get
past comments. Then tab until you come to the list of four views:
final, final showing mark-up, original, and something I don't
I'm going from memory.

Cc: Lauren
Subject: reading a file with insertions & deletions in Word


What is the best way for me to see the text as is if another
person has made insertions and or deletions in Word 2013? I don't
want to see the changes I made when I emailed it to the other

Is there a way to read what the document contains as if it was
never tampered with, but has the changes incorporated into the




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