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Ted, I'm not having problem either. The only problem I have is that Insert, Shift R goes to the list instead of to the e-mail sender.

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Ted, I'm having none of these problems with list messages. Very occasionally, a list message ends up in my junk folder, but a lot less often than the messages from other services. I wonder if it's worth a call to your spam protection or server company.

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This is really for the administrator, so I'd be happy to go off list. I just had to resubscribe, due to too many bounces. Anybody care to elaborate on that? This is my state e-mail account. I just process them-read them, delete them, respond to them, whatever. Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening?

I've had some strange experiences. A certain number of these messages wind up in quarantine, or in junk mail. Once everything was funneled to junk for several months; I thought I'd been dropped, and couldn't figure out why. Now this.


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