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I'm not sure you've gone to the right area. Start typing "devices" (as in, devices and printers) into the Windows search field. Pres enter on the first item, and the list will appear. When I had an HP printer, I had a hard time isolating it on that list and had to resort to the JAWS cursor and the insert-PC key combo. I don't have this difficulty with my new Brother printer, so in my experience it's something about HP products.

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Hello Listers,
I have a
hp laserjet pro mfp m127 fn, Jaws 16, Windows 7, 64 bit, and have installed it’s program, at least it shows up on my hard drive, but it does not show up in the control panel, nor when I press control P, on a word document,and arrow around to select a printer. A sighted friend got the printer to work manually, but I can not direct it to print using Jaws. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Kevin.
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