Re: Just curious -- what happened to Windows 9?

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So was Vista.
Here's what I've found out using a simple web search.
There are a few possible reasons why they didn't go with Windows 9 as the
name. One possible reason is that 9 is considered bad luck in Japan. Another
suggested reason is that there is some legacy code that looks for Windows 9
to find out the version, and these old programs or anything that uses that
old code will think it's a Windows 95/98 version. Microsoft's reason is that
it's that big of a change in paradigm that they went to the more auspicious
10. Some folks also think it might be that they're planning on sticking with
the version name for a while, like Apple did with OSX, so they'll stick
around using different versions of Windows 10 for a while. The reality is
that it's Windows 6.4, based on the Vista 6x version, so they could call it
Windows 1,549,683 and it would have as much meaning as anything else. It's
just a marketing name. Of course, with the exception of the 4.x iteration
for Windows NT 4.0, even numbered versions of windows haven't been that
wonderful. (Remember, Vista starts with VI, the Roman numeral for 6) So they
could be shooting themselves in the foot by jumping to another even number.

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8 was almost as bad as ME

On 7/23/2015 3:01 PM, Maria Campbell via Jfw wrote:
Windows 8 happened to Windows 9. It was so bad MS decided to skip 9

On 7/23/2015 3:29 PM, Kramlinger, Keith G., M.D. via Jfw wrote:

I'm still on Windows 7. I hear a lot of talk about Windows 8.1 and
Windows 10. Was Windows 9 a bust or something?

Thanks, Keith

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