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Kelly Pierce

I used Windows 8.1 The Missing Manual by David Pogue. It is jammed
packed with information and fully describes both the destop version of
Windows 8.1 and the futureistic tile-based interface that was highly
criticized initially. The book describes how to navigate both worlds
seamlessly by explaining in understandable language and methods the
important new concepts.

BTW: I am sticking with Windows 8.1 for now. In the last podcast,
Freedom Scientific's lead developer issued a warning to end users
about upgrading to Windows 10 now. I accepted this communication with
the seriousness intended and will wait for further guidance this fall.


On 7/23/15, Cristóbal via Jfw <> wrote:
Hello Kelly,
Do you happen to recall the name of the Windows 8.1 book you used? I used a
bunch of BookShare books for Win7 and iOS when I first started to use those
OS's. They were all very helpful.
I’m thinking of upgrading to a Win 8.1 machine in the next few weeks when
all the back to school specials and dumping of 8.1 PC's begins with the
out of Win10 and would like to familiarize myself with it so I don’t' go in
for lack of a better term, blind.
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Before doing anything more, I strongly suggest upgrading to Windows
8.1, which is much better for a blind end user than Windows 8. After
that, I used a book about Windows 8.1 found on bookshare to introduce
me to the changes and the options for configuring my system for
Windows 8.1.


On 7/22/15, Joseph Lee via Jfw <> wrote:
How familiar are you with Windows 7? If you know how to search for
and files, then Windows 8.x isn't that different from Windows 7.
To locate programs you've installed, press Windows key to open Start
then provided you are greeted with tiles, press Control+TAB to show all

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I have a new Dell Inspiron computer with Windows 8, and I need to know
to optimize it. I don't know how to use windows 8, so any help would be
Also, wanting to know what I can delete that Dell puts on there, that I
don't nee.
I have JFW 16 installed on it and I have no idea how to find any software
I've installed.

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