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That is for windows7

On 7/23/15, Johan van Zyl <> wrote:
Hi, open new message, press alt P and tab to show field groups, there
you will find BCC option

On 7/23/15, Mike Mote via Jfw <> wrote:
Kevin, if you are using Outlook 2013, you can access the options ribbon,
after you have opened a new message . You press the Control plus N key
start a new message, and then press your Alt key. This should bring up
ribbon for you. You may need to tab to the options part, and then use
arrow keys to find the BCC field. Good luck!.

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Hello All,

The instructions for showing the BCC field say to go to options, and the
field group. I found options, but no field group containing the "Show BCC
Field Button". Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Kevin.

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