Re: I can't sign in at Bank of America

Brad Martin

I don't sign into B of A very often, so I just tried it. I used Firefox version 39 and JAWS 15.

For me, the username and password fields were not on the same page as Bill described, although I've read that's supposed to be coming.

For me, I entered my online ID as usual and went to the next screen. There was a message saying the passcode field was unavailable without at least six characters of the username entered, but I ignored it and entered my password in the password field anyway. It worked.

Sometimes these errors are hard coded into the website, and sighted people either see them or not based on programming; but JAWS will find errors that the rest of the word can't see. I think that's what happened here. In any case, I just blew through that error message like it didn't exist, and I got right in. I should say the only B of A account I have is a credit card, not a bank account, so I might have been accessing something different--or maybe not. I just went to and followed the prompts as always.

Hope this helps,

On 7/20/2015 6:21 AM, Adrian Spratt via Jfw wrote:
I've had this problem for the past week. When I go to the sign-in page and enter my username, I get a message saying the username must be at least six characters long. (Mine has more.) It seems the system isn't recognizing that I've entered the data in the edit field.

I've toggled the virtual cursor on and off. When entering the data in the edit field fails to get me to the next screen, I've gone back and pressed enter on the edit field before entering the username. Still no success.

When I turn on the JAWS cursor, I notice that my username appears on the screen.

Anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas?
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