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Michael Mote

Hi! If you press control plus FN key plus left arrow, that will take you
the top of the page. Control plus FN key plus right arrow will take you to
the bottom. Control plus FN key plus up/down arrow will perform the page up
and page down functions. Hope this is helpful.

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Work gave me a hp ultrabook laptop, whichhas no insert button, or page
up/down/previous/next page. I've figured out the fn key plus the arrow keys
will do the page up etc.

Insert is FN plus ctrl and print screen button, does anyone know another way
of doing this? I've tried capslock plus print screen, this doesn't work.
Also when I'm typing the cursor jumps about, consequently I make mistakes.
Is there a way of disabling the mouse? I've had this done, but once I
restart the laptop the mouse pad is active again.

I would really really appreciate some help with this.

Kind Regards, Hassan.
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