Re: Facebook Accessibility for Users with Visual Impairments

Paul Martz <skewmatrix@...>

I missed the start of this discussion, but... As near as I can tell,
facebook is accessible through Internet Explorer. Turn off the virtual PC
cursor and use the page's keyboard shortcuts to move through your news feed,
comment, like, and post your status. Am I missing something?

I agree that accessibility is rarely a priority in modern web page
development. The pages are designed for visual appeal first, and retrofitted
for accessibility later. Facebook is a clear example of this. Nonetheless, I
can use it for the common facebook tasks that I need.

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From: Jfw [mailto:jfw-bounces@...] On Behalf Of Aidan via

I don't care what life is or not. Fact is that facebook don't do their job
it comes to accessibility. There is always excuses for them and Microsoft,
while the proofe is there that they don't care at all.
Facebook fix some things and then brake others. They stil don't do enough.
And neither Microsoft. And that is why we shell keep paying fru our necks
for jaws upgrades. So they can have a great life. As far as I know, the
shortcuts in jaws 16 work on the full site.

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