Re: Outlook 2003 attachments

Kimber Gardner

This problem isn't unique to outlook 2003 as I still have it with 2010
and 2013. In fact someone just sent me an attachment this morning that
I couldn't access no matter what I tried.

I seem to recall someone (maybe on this list) saying that you could
forward the email to yourself, changing the email from html to
something else before sending and get to the attachment that way. I
never had much success with that method either.

I will try your method using the jaws cursor.


On 7/15/15, Paul Martz via Jfw <> wrote:
Hi all. I'm working with a client using Office 2003 and the current version
of JAWS. The client is having trouble accessing email attachments. I've
never used JAWS with Office 2003, so I'm unsure how to do this. Here's what
I've tried, and the problems I've ran into.

After opening an email with an attachment, I did a shift-tab to try to move
to the attachments area of the message window. This doesn't work when the
email is in HTML format. Instead, shift-tab moves me backwards through the
links in the message body.

To resolve the shift-tab issue, I went into email options and set it to
display all email as plain text. After this change, shift-tab does allow me
to move to the attachments area. However, in the case of multiple
attachments, there is no trivial way to move to a specific attachment
keys don't do this).

I was able to eventually open a specific attachment, by switching to the
JAWS cursor, control-arrow to a specific attachment, then invoke a double
left click with numpad-/. While this does work for me, my client lacks the
JAWS expertise to manage this on her own, and we don't have the training
budget for me to take her through the necessary curriculum.

The only other option I'm aware of would be to go to the file menu and save
attachments. Then she would simply open them from the saved location. This
is a less direct solution than the client would prefer.

Any ideas on opening attachments in Word 2003? All help would be

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