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The surfus is probably your best one. As it comes with keyboard as far
as I know, and the touch screen of corse. But its so expensive I
rather by an ipad when it comes to that price, unless if you know you
need windows.

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Hi Michael,

I've helped a few of my clients with these so let me give you a couple of
tips. Make sure the tablet has at least two gb of ram. Less will be really
slow. I don't know if the storage will make any difference, so choose what
will fit your needs. I'd probably do 64 myself though. Also, remember that
you will need a keyboard of some kind unless you are using a Braille
display. I hope this helps.

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Hi folks! I am in the market for a new Tablet PC, and wanted to hear some
feedback from those of you who use JAWS on one of these. I've seen some
pretty good deals on Tablets recently, but wonder which one would be the
best. I know that I want Windows 8.1 and not RT. Does it really make a
difference if I end up with a 32 Gig machine or a 64. Does JAWS perform
poorly on one model or another? Just trying to make the best choice. Any
feedback would be welcomed. Many thanks!

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