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Cy Selfridge

I presume you are speaking of 12.1167?

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I have had my share of troubles with JAWS, over the years.
But I have to say, I am not having near the trouble some of you all are
talking about with version 12.
I installed the latest update this morning, it seems to work just great. I
don't know all the specifics of what was changed.
But my navigation is mostly all good. The responsiveness is good. On my
Windows 7 Home Premium Dell desktop, outside of my still going bonkers when
I try to get deep into the ribbon nightmares, the recent version of JAWS
seems to be working quite well.

Some of you I am sure are not making it up, the things you are describing.
But I just thought I would put in my 2 cents, lest everyone get all hepped
up and a scared of 12.


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