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Brent Harding

NameSilo might be worth a try. They have a few little querks, but they aren't near the nightmare that Godaddy is as far as accessibility. When I decided to try them, I emailed them because they had an inaccessible captcha at the time, and they ended up fixing it the same day. I don't know for sure if that was the day they were switching it anyways, or if they did it because I emailed, but that's a win in my book. Sometimes the add to cart thing or checkout may be labeled create account, and the payment methods thing is a little odd, but I believe the third one is for Paypal. The labels are far enough the page that you have the list of payments they take, followed by all the radio buttons with links next to them. Several of the payment method links then pop up little dialogs that say they need certain information, and paypal pops up one asking if you want a billing agreement so auto-renew will work.
Namecheap used to be good, but they redesigned their site, and those menus that dynamically update when you click can sometimes be hit and miss. Any of the registrars that resell through Tucows domains were very simple to use without a lot of fluff in the control paneel when it came to updating your info and name servers, but they can end up costing a little more.

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Hi All,

I've had my domains registered with Godaddy for several years now, but
their accessibility is horrendous. For example, I am unable to update
my payment method without sighted assistance, which is just

So where can I register my domains? I've done some searching, but I
want a site with good accessibility. Please help.

Thanks in advance.



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