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Aidan <aidan.smarttalk@...>

Thanks I'll follow the repair root.

On 13/07/2015, Feliciano Godoy via Jfw <> wrote:
If jaws is set to show in the system tray, the jaws user interface can be
loaded by pressing insert plus Jay. If closing the jaws program and
re-opening it does not work, try to restart the computer. If you still
cannot bring up the jaws user interface by pressing insert plus Jay, you
will have to repairjaws or reinstall the software.

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On Jul 12, 2015, at 4:40 PM, Michael B. via Jfw <>

Hi Aidan,

Do you have Jaws set to run from the System Tray? If so, is Jaws for
Windows in the System Tray? If it isn't in the System Tray the, Insert +
keystroke won't work.
Take care.
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Did you restart JAWS? Did you reboot the computer?

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Hello, I am running jaws 16 (latest built). When pressing insert j, my
menu don't open. Neither it does open when selecting the jaws from the
startmenu or the desktop shortcut. Any ideas?
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