Re: Removing the Skype Trade Mark from the taskbar


Go to tools, option and then arrow down to the advanced tab. Find and uncheck keep Skype on the taskbar while I'm signed in and click OK.

OZ0TE Jacob
Skype-ID: Jacob-DK

From: Hamid Hamraz
Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2011 7:05 AM
Subject: Removing the Skype Trade Mark from the taskbar

Hi all,

Accessing Skype through the windows system tray is sufficiently decent for me. However I could not find out how to remove the Skype from the taskbar. There, it is a little annoying specially when Alt tabbing among several applications. Any tip is greatly appreciated!

Another issue: how can I get rid of the opening of the Skype home window which is opened at the Skype start up?


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