Re: Cannot start Audible update setup

Kimber Gardner

I got the same email from Audible, but haven't tried to do the update
yet. I'll give it a try and let you know what happens.

On 7/9/15, Adrian Spratt via Jfw <> wrote:
I got an email from Audible this morning with all the hallmarks of
authenticity saying I need to update by July 15 or else I will lose some
functionality. However, although the setup file is in my downloads folder, I
can't find a "yes" button to start setup. The message I get goes in part
(the JAWS virtual window wouldn't let me copy the entire text):

AudibleDM_iTun... 1.93 MB Do you want to open or

This is a familiar kind of question, but the "yes" option appears nowhere.

Is anyone else having this experience? Any ideas?
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