Re: Does Kindle Work Well With JAWS?

Soronel Haetir

I find slow speed jarring in and of itself. With jaws I still use
RealSpeak Emily but I normally have the rate set to 100%. But even
though Tom and Sara? (not sure which female the kindle has right off)
are the same voices as my book port and among the voices that jaws
makes available the quality is still quite a lot lower, like amazon
went with one of the smaller packages.

On 7/7/15, Brad Martin via Jfw <> wrote:
My experience was quite the opposite actually. Now, let me say that for
me the male voice was better than the female voice in the Kindle for PC
with Accessibility plugin software, and as much as I hate slow speech, I
found the slower speed less jarring than the faster rate. The male voice
is Tom from the Realspeak set of voices, so it's like reading a novel
being read by the guy who reads bulletins on your weather radio.
Certainly it's not as good as a human narrator. Having said that, I have
read entire books that way, and particularly with nonfiction, I didn't
find it too bad. There are keystrokes (I can't name them right now
because Kindle for PC is on my laptop and I am not) to allow you to go
back to the previous page, and I think paragraph by paragraph. Also,
when I close the book and reopen it, I'm at least at the top of the page
where I left off. It wouldn't be my first choice for reading a book, but
I haven't given up on it either, and I do love that I can buy a book
like my sighted friends and start reading it in two seconds. I like it
well enough to use it, but it's not my favorite way to read.

On 7/7/2015 5:13 PM, Adrian Spratt via Jfw wrote:

I tried it several months ago with a book I needed to read on short
notice. I remember finding it extremely frustrating. As I recall, I
couldn't stop and have it start at the same point, but perhaps there's a
bookmark function that I somehow missed. As I recall, I also couldn't
conveniently go back to re-read a sentence or paragraph. As Soronel
indicates, the voice was horrible to listen to and hard to comprehend. In
the end, I bought the paperback and performed OCR on it so that I could
read it with JAWS.

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Have you ever tried to read an actual e-book from Amazon using the Kindle
ap? If so, were you able to do it?

Rick Miller

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Neither the regular or accessible kindle app REALLY "works" with jaws,
what THE accessible version does is detect that an accessibility
program is running (at least jaws, NVDA and window eyes are detected,
don't know about others) and then enables self-voicing. My chief
complaint is that the choice of voices is very limited and of even
lower quality than my book port.

If I have the choice between kindle, PDF and text kindle is always my
last choice of formats.

On 7/7/15, Rick Miller via Jfw <> wrote:
No. I just went straight to the regular Amazon page and to the book I
wanted to download. Then I just downloaded the regular ap. If there is
thing with a disability plug-in, then I will just remove what I
this morning.

Rick Miller

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Did you get the Kindle for PC with Accessibility Plugin? If you
download that version, go to

and read the information on that page. There is also a download link.

With this version of the program, JAWS reads the menus, while the

speech that comes with the program reads the text of the book.

If you are reading a novel or other book that you can read straight
the program works fairly well. However, if you need to go to
parts of a book or search for specific content, forget it. Navigation
limited, and JAWS can't read the text in the book directly. The JAWS
feature can give you access to the text of each page, but multiple

cause reading difficulties.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, the iOS app works much better for

Gary King
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Dear Listers:

I am considering trying to purchase an e-book in Kindle edition from
I have downloaded the Kindle ap, but first I need to sign in and
it. But first, I need to know from somebody if it has ever worked
JAWS. I am using JAWS 16. Have any of you out there been able to
Kindle ap and read an e-book using JAWS? If so, how well has JAWS
for you. Would any of you recommend using Kindle with JAWS?

Rick Miller

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