Re: Copying from SD card to PC.

Soronel Haetir

As long as you have an SD slot available copying to or from an SD card
is just like any other file copy, the card shows up as a drive (just
like USB drives do).

I suggest that you use the application menu in explorer to perform the
copy/cut and the paste operations rather than trying to use jaws' drag
and drop capability.

On 7/7/15, Shane Clark via Jfw <> wrote:
Its been so long since I've done this, could someone please explain the
steps in doing this? I'm sure its as simple as I remember, I just need a
refresher as to where to go for what, if that makes sense. I'll be using an
HP computer with Vista and Jaws 11.
Thanks in advance, Shane.Hi listers,
So I need to copy some music and other stuff from my SD card to my PC, and
then from the computer to my phone.
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