Re: Does Kindle Work Well With JAWS?

Gary King

Did you get the Kindle for PC with Accessibility Plugin? If you didn't download that version, go to

and read the information on that page. There is also a download link.

With this version of the program, JAWS reads the menus, while the built-in speech that comes with the program reads the text of the book.

If you are reading a novel or other book that you can read straight through, the program works fairly well. However, if you need to go to different parts of a book or search for specific content, forget it. Navigation is limited, and JAWS can't read the text in the book directly. The JAWS OCR feature can give you access to the text of each page, but multiple columns cause reading difficulties.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, the iOS app works much better for reading EBooks.

Gary King

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Dear Listers:

I am considering trying to purchase an e-book in Kindle edition from Amazon.
I have downloaded the Kindle ap, but first I need to sign in and register
it. But first, I need to know from somebody if it has ever worked well with
JAWS. I am using JAWS 16. Have any of you out there been able to use the
Kindle ap and read an e-book using JAWS? If so, how well has JAWS worked
for you. Would any of you recommend using Kindle with JAWS?

Rick Miller

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