Re: envelopes in word 2013


Although not relevant to Word 2013, I tried it with Word 2007 and the latest
JAWS build, and it's still working there, including tabbing around in the

I also saw a new feature that must have crept in with an Office update --
electronic postage. Apparently if you have software installed to create
electronic postage, it will now integrate. Hope it can be fixed for you
folks on 2013.

Dave Carlson
Oregonian, woodworker, Engineer, Musician, and pioneer

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I'll be following this one, because, for a while now, envelopes have been as
easy as pie; they almost address themselves. Of course, I always do mine in
conjunction with a letter, and it's always known what to put where. Haven't
done one in a while, As I haven't gotten around to replacing the empty black
cart in my Office Jet.


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What luck do folks here have with addressing an envelope using word 2013.

I do alt m followed by e and it places me in an edit field but jaws does not
state what the edit field is. Also, when I tab, nothing.

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