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Soronel Haetir

No, drivers should not get uninstalled without specific user action.
All that might happen is that the operating system will be set to use
the new sound card as the default audio output but the old one should
still be there.

For example, when I was heavily into using virtual machines I
sometimes had two or even three USB headsets to the box, with one
dedicated to main system sound and the others each carrying audio for
a specific virtual machine. This in addition to speakers plugged in to
the on-board audio that I used for music. and the like.

On 7/6/15, Mario via Jfw <> wrote:
oh.... so it's the onboard sound card that needs to be reenabled after
an internal sound card is installed, right? but doesn't the driver for
the onboard sound card get automatically uninstalled when the driver for
an internal sound card gets installed?

On 7/5/2015 5:46 PM, Soronel Haetir via Jfw wrote:
Umm, the bios shouldn't have anything to do with an expansion card
being enabled or not. It may well be that the on-board audio can be
disabled in the bios and for what you want yes it would need to be
enabled. I have done the sort of setup you are talking about (using
on-board audio and a USB headset rather than on-board and expansion
card) and it works fine. Jaws is limited to using just one output for
all purposes but that shouldn't matter for what you are talking about.

If both were enabled before the re-install I don't see why the repair
shop would have changed that at all.

On 7/5/15, Mario via Jfw <> wrote:
I recently had Windows 7 reinstalled because of some issues. and I want
to have JAWS talk thru the motherboard sound card while playing
music/podcasts thru the sound blaster that's set as the default sound
card. I realize the drivers need to be installed, but doesn't both sound
cards have to be enabled in the BIOS?

how do I convince the repair shop tech that it is possible to have both
sound cards enabled in the BIOS, what do I tell them?

I know how to switch JAWS to use the onboard sound card.

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