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Hi List,

I would like to announce the publication of a free eBook called Getting
Back to Work with JAWS. It is a guide for people who have never used JAWS
before, but who need to use a screen reader to become productive again with
their computer. To download the book for free, please visit

The book itself is a zipped set of Rich Text Format (RTF) files that can be
read using any word processor. There is absolutely no cost, ads,
registrations r commercial aspects to this whatsoever. I wrote this book
after losing my vision three years ago. As many of you know, it is hard
work adjusting to using a computer entirely through a keyboard and
synthesized speech. At first, even the simplest of tasks can seem

My hope is that this book will give new JAWS users techniques, tips, and
strategies needed to become a productive JAWS user in a very short period
of time. It covers the basics of working with Windows 7, the Internet, and
Microsoft Office programs.

I would love to receive feedback on how to make the book even more useful
for new JAWS users. Please feel free to send me any comments or suggestions
at backtoworkblind@....

George Calvert
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