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Right. As a JAWS user, too, text is what is important to me.

"Whether you think you can or you can't, you're probably right." Henry Ford.


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Quality varies from model to model, but most would agree with that overall assessment. But, like the old daisy wheel Vs. dot matrix contest, what is best for text may not be best for graphics. If you are text-oriented, as I suspect most of us are, you won't beat laser.


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As I understand it, the lazer gives a better quality of printing than the ink jet. Is that correct?

"Whether you think you can or you can't, you're probably right." Henry Ford.


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Make sure you read Brad's very positive message from last night about his
Brother model. I have the basic Brother laser jet printer, Brother
HL-2270DW Compact, which I purchased from Amazon. The customer reviews
there gave me tips that helped accessibility, even though they weren't
directed to a visually impaired audience. The one I remember is that when
the printer cartridge appears to be dying, press the start button seven
times rapidly in succession to get more life out of it. I do find
installing a new cartridge difficult without sighted assistance, but it's
doable. With a laser printer, the need to replace cartridges is much less
frequent than you will have found it with an ink jet model. Even though
the price of laser cartridges is higher, they last so much longer that I
suspect they're cheaper over time.

Others have posted positive experiences with HP printers. I had one for
years, and it was a workhorse. However, when it finally met its maker, I
replaced it with an HP 1102, the newer version of my old model. This 1102
had several problems. For one thing, the laser cartridges didn't last
nearly as long. More important, pages printed out with defects, such as
random lines down the middle. I called HP's customer service, but they
required that I work with them in a process that would require sighted
assistance. I couldn't have anyone sit with me through such a long,
drawn-out procedure. Then I learned about HP's number for disabled
customers. Others here have reported positive experiences with this
department. Mine was aggravating in the extreme. I was on hold for more
than seventy minutes before someone answered the first time I called. As I
spoke to the rep, I became convinced I needed a replacement. I must have
been out of warranty at that point, although I hadn't had the printer for
the length of time I'd have expected, so I bought a new 1102. Almost
immediately I experienced the same problems with page quality. Once again
I called the line for disabled customers, and I was kept on hold for so
long that I decided to say farewell to HP and hello to Brother.

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It is time for me to replace my HP 3915 ink jet printer. I suspect that
just about any wireless, color, stand alone printer out there will meet my
modest demands for quality and speed.

My concern is accessibility. Can I assume that HP, Epson, Brother printers
are accessible for routine printing purposes? Should I be warned off of

My screen reader is Jaws 16.

Thanks for your help.
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