Windows Live Mail and latest J16.0


Hi all,

has anyone noticed that say all in a mail composition window produces nothing but junk?
Try to create a new message or replying to an existing one, hit say all and listen.
Instead of reading the messages, it reads the location where the temporary mail is stored, over and over and over and....

Also, I am not getting flags such as attachment, importanse, replied, etc. Announced.
Then, in the spell check dialogue, the hotkeys to ignore, change, and so on are just announced, but do not activate when pressed.
Bringing up the quick settings for Windows Live Mail causes a list of odd options and strange announcements to appear.
If more people write to FS about this, maybe it gets fixed a bit sooner.
All the other issues seem to have existed starting from J15.0 and higher, but the say all one is recent and started in the latest built, 16.0.3048.400 as of this writing.
I’m using Windows 8.1 32 bit here, and these phenomena can be observed on 2 machines.

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