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Can you up-date your Internet Explorer to 11? Not sure that you can, but
might help. Also call Microsoft disability help desk. They are helpful. You
should call Freedom Scientific. They need to be aware of all the problems
that we all are having with JAWS.


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You might try refreshing the screen with Insert + escape and then try
activating the save button.


On Jun 27, 2015, at 3:35 PM, Rick Miller via Jfw <>

I am trying to update my new credit card online. After I go to the
website and update my credit card information I press the Enter key
after arrowing down to the "save," button, but nothing happens. I am
using Windows 7, JAWS
16 and Internet Explorer 8. I have tried both by hitting the Enter
key, and then by using the JAWS cursor and hitting the left mouse key
when the JAWS cursor is over the word "save," but nothing is working.

Rick Miller

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