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Thanks for your response. Let me try articulating my problem more clearly: say, for example, I open Firefox and go to a news article of my liking. While I am reading that long article, I suddenly remember that there is something that I need to search for right away, so instead of exiting the webpage containing the news article, I open firefox again and open the webpage that I need to get to asap. Now while said webpage is loading, I press alt-tab to get back to my news article. My question is this: how do I ensure that the focus doesn't automatically shift to the page that's being loaded as soon as it gets loaded but continues to remain on the news article until I voluntarily choose to do an alt-tab to get to that page? Simply put, how do I prevent jaws from involuntarily jumping from one window to another -- a task which I would otherwise perform through alt-tab on my own choosing?

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I'm trying to understand the problem you're describing. I'll say back to you what I think I understand so you can correct me and make your question clearer for list members.

You're on a Google search results page that you've created. You find an item that interests you, so you click on it. However, you don't want to read that item right away. Instead, you want to continue reading the results page. Is that the issue?

What I do with Google results pages is click on any item in the results with shift-enter. This way a new window opens and keeps my results page open. If I don't want to read that item at that moment, I press the control key to quiet the new page as it loads, and then alt-tab back to the results page.

Does that help at all?
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Hello Everyone,

I hope this message finds you well. When Iuse multiple webpages
simultaneously, the focus frequently shifts from the page that I am on
to the recently loaded page. For example, if I am searching for
something on Google and I click on a news story that's being loaded in
another window, the focus shifts from the search result page to the
news story as soon as the story gets fully loaded, thereby disrupting
my work. How can I ensure that this does not happen? I know there must
be some setting tucked away somewhere to do this, but I can't seem to
find it.
Any help would be welcome.


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