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This has happened to me a couple of times. My sighted wife happened to be with me both times. I do not have a fool-proof solution, but my description of what is happening on the screen has inspired a couple of ideas of my own and may stimulate ideas from the other very knowledgeable people on this list.
My wife said it was as though the cursor was not in the password box. By cursor, I'm pretty sure she means the mouse pointer. Like most sighted users, she doesn't know the difference between the mouse pointer and the cursor. Anyway, she maneuvers the mouse pointer (using the touch pad and not the screen) to the password box, clicks the mouse once, and then asks me to type in the password. That has solved the problem every time.
I could loan you my sighted wife, but there are probably other, less inconvenient solutions.
You might try turning on the JAWS cursor and navigating to the password box. When there, do a simulated single mouse click.
If that doesn't work, you might try actually turning on the touch cursor. That is shift plus JAWS key plus semicolon. That should make your touch gestures perform better, but it sounds like that is working anyway.
Probably the best solution is to experiment while a sighted person is present. I'll do that, and if you do too, perhaps we'll find a solution. I'll post my discovery, if I find one.
I've had my Yoga since the first day Windows 8 was released, and this has happened only twice, but it was frustrating, and without sighted assistance, it would have been maddening.

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Hi everyone,

I am running Jaws 16 on a Lenovo Yoga Pro2 laptop. It has a touch screen, which I hardly ever use. I am running into an issue when my laptop goes to sleep. It goes to the Windows lockscreen. In the past all I had to do was press the power button on my laptop and I would be taken to the Windows lock screen where I could simply tab to the password field, enter my password, and I’d be right where I left off when my laptop went to sleep.

Now, however, every time my laptop goes to sleep, when I press the power button nothing seems to happen. If I touch the screen though, Jaws is running and I can swipe to the various choices, i.e. password, shutdown, etc. but I cannot do anything. Double-tapping on the password field does nothing. Double-tapping on the shutdown button does nothing. And, nothing happens when I try to use the keyboard. It’s as if Jaws is in touch screen mode and the keyboard is not at all active. I called FS, and the guy there didn’t have a clue as to what to do. He suggested that I turn off the lock screen. I may do this, but at the moment I cannot get in to Windows at all. I press and hold the power button to turn off my laptop, but, when I turn it on, nothing happens… not evenwhen I touch the screen.

So, my question… is there a keystroke I may have accidentally pressed to put Jaws in some sort of touch screen mode?

Thanks for any and all ideas!

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