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I have Open Book with the Pearl Camera Scanner. I rarely use it due to its
limitations. I recently purchased an HP Office Jet Pro 8620
printer/copier/scanner and Adobe Pro X software to be able to edit and read
the scans. This works much better than the Open Book & Pearl Camera.

Mitchell is correct about my need to have a sighted person assist me with
the scanning, but I simply accept that as part of life.

My HP unit was $279, on sale, at Best Buy, and the Adobe Pro X will run
about $450. However, when I obtained the Open Book & Pearl system 3 years
ago, it was near $1000. I have no idea what it would cost today, but I
prefer the flat bed HP scanner with Adobe Pro X. I, too, will be getting a
new PC soon and I do not intend to download my Open Book & Pearl system on
my new PC. That's just me. Others might disagree.


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When I get my new computer at the end of the year or beginning of next, I
intend to get a printer with fax and scanning capability.

So, I'm wondering, as a totally blind user of JAWS, is there a special
scanner I have to get for it to be accessible? Are some scanners out there
more accessible than others?

What is Open Book? I have heard of it. Would I be limited to getting that or
something like that?


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