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Did you try enabling the touch cursor? When enabled, the touch cursor allows you to simulate touch gestures using keyboard commands. For instance, pressing the left and right arrow keys is equivalent to swiping left and right, respectively. While the touch cursor was developed primarily to facilitate navigation in modern apps, it may help you get into Windows. Let us know if it does.

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Hi everyone,

I am running Jaws 16 on a Lenovo Yoga Pro2 laptop. It has a touch screen, which I hardly ever use. I am running into an issue when my laptop goes to sleep. It goes to the Windows lockscreen. In the past all I had to do was press the power button on my laptop and I would be taken to the Windows lock screen where I could simply tab to the password field, enter my password, and I’d be right where I left off when my laptop went to sleep.

Now, however, every time my laptop goes to sleep, when I press the power button nothing seems to happen. If I touch the screen though, Jaws is running and I can swipe to the various choices, i.e. password, shutdown, etc. but I cannot do anything. Double-tapping on the password field does nothing. Double-tapping on the shutdown button does nothing. And, nothing happens when I try to use the keyboard. It’s as if Jaws is in touch screen mode and the keyboard is not at all active. I called FS, and the guy there didn’t have a clue as to what to do. He suggested that I turn off the lock screen. I may do this, but at the moment I cannot get in to Windows at all. I press and hold the power button to turn off my laptop, but, when I turn it on, nothing happens… not evenwhen I touch the screen.

So, my question… is there a keystroke I may have accidentally pressed to put Jaws in some sort of touch screen mode?

Thanks for any and all ideas!

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