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I was just able now to put in my first, last name and email address but
closed out as I had no idea wtHeck the site was all aboot.
I didn't read it, just pressed e until I hit the first field, went into
forms mode by pressing enter, filled in info, tabbed, rinsed and repeated.

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Speaking of trouble entering information into the forms mode field, has
anyone had trouble getting past the forms mode field on certain websites?
On the site,, I have incredible trouble getting past any
of the forms mode fields. When I pass one, the cursor darts back to the top
of the page and I'm limited to reading everything until I get to that forms
mode field! If anyone has had this problem, no matter what the site (or, if
you've had experience with the Classic Flix website), please respond and let
me know what to do about this. Again, this could easily be a JAWS issue,
again not keeping up with graphics on modern websites and how they can be
obstacles, but I'm not going to play tech savvy and diagnose a problem that
could be something totally other!

Kevin Wollenweber

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