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Assuming you mean Word 2010, there's more than one way to navigate a table. For me, the easiest is to use the Tab key to move forward one cell, and Shift-Tab to move back. This moves you through the first row and, when you get to the last cell in the row, it moves to the first cell on the next row and so on. The text in each cell is selected as you move to it, and when you get to the last cell in the table, pressing Tab adds a new, empty row. You get warned when you're in the last cell, but it's still easy to create a new row by mistake.

My preferred method to navigate tables is to use Alt-Ctrl-arrows to move up, down, left and right by one cell. Each cell you move to is read but the content isn't selected. You can't move beyond the first or last cell of the row or column you're in, and you can't create new rows by mistake. You can jump to the first and last cell in the table with Alt-Ctrl-Home and Alt-Ctrl-End.

Bookmarks are on the Insert tab: Alt, N, K if you aren't using the virtual ribbon or Alt, I, L, B if you are. Or use the shortcut Ctrl-Shift-F5 to bypass the ribbon. All three methods open a dialogue that lists the existing bookmarks. To move to an existing bookmark, arrow to the one you want and press Enter to move to it, then Enter again to close the dialogue. Or type the name of a new bookmark and press Enter to add it, then Enter again to close the dialogue. If you're creating a new bookmark, you'll need to put your focus at the point you want the bookmark to be before you open the dialogue. The bookmark dialogue has other options. The easiest way to find out about them is to press F1 while you're in the dialogue to open Microsoft help on bookmarks. You'll be in a search area but if you press F6 twice or Shift-F6 once you'll be in the help area which is a web page. Alt-F4 when you've finished to return to Word.

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How do you navigate inside a table? Using jaws?. How do you create bookmarks and go to the bookmarks you create it?

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