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Dorothy <dorothy.ingram-gorban@...>

Ok james just wanted to be sure, not long ago I explained to a youngman he
could not give his copy of jaws to his nephew, he said But I paid for it and
am not using it any more, I may have said the wrong thing then it just got
me thinking that is all dorothy

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This isn't exactly an appropriate question for the JAWS list. You may want
to consider taking it to a more generalized technology list. For example,
the blindtech list.

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Dear list, I am wondering what I really own, I know the scanner and printer
are mine but jaws is under licence and my Ocr is linked to me personally how
about coppies of Office however,do I own them or is that microsofts as
well.?, by the way I think the office I once had with some ocr facility was
on a cd called small business.,but the engineer said the 2 cds I had were
scratched use office 7 which you paid for when you bought the dell desktop
package. Regards dorothy

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