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thank you all so much for your assistance:)

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This works fine. Another method is to add the alt key to the control-v paste command, which gives you options.

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On the blogging and reformatting, if you copy the material to Note Pad, that
should clean it up. Then you can repaste it back over into a word document
and run Spell Check, proof read, etc.

"Whether you think you can or you can't, you're probably right." Henry Ford.


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Hi all

I know Kevin, I think it was who told me how to format in word. But is
there a way of reformatting a document, where all the headingfields etc is
taken out of the document? For example if I copy text from a website and
paste it into word, jaws reads it funny and it looks odd too, so is there
a way of just making the document into a clean cut word document?

I hope it makes sense.


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Hello Hassan,
I am interested in learning about blogs as well, but have little personal
experience. Word press appears to be most popular among Jaws users Here
is some information about Word Press I copied from a letter to The Jaws
List a while ago. .
Where is my WordPress page? What’s the address?
Unless you’ve customized it, your WordPress page address is your
username, plus “”. For example, If your username is
“tomsmith”, then your address is
If you’d like to view your WordPress page while you’re logged in to
WordPress, try the following:
1. Follow the “My Site” link. It’s the first link on most WordPress
2. This takes you to a page containing statistics for your page.
However, on this page, you’ll find another link, labeled “View Site”.
Follow that link.
3. Your WordPress page will open as a new tab. Each blog is a heading,
so use H or SHIFT+H to move between blog articles.
Because it’s in a new tab, you can switch back to the previous page with
CONTROL+!, then to your WordPress page with CONTROL+2. While viewing your
WordPress page, you can close it with CONTROL+F4.
How to create a new blog.
1. From the main wordpress page, arrow down to the link “New Post”.
Follow that link
2. Find the “Title” form field and press ENTER to start editing. Type
in the title of your blog post.
3. Arrow down about 20 times until you hear “Edit”. Press SPACEBAR to
activate this control. You are now editing the body of your post. Type in
your post, or paste it, as needed.
4. When you’re done, hit tab to leave the edit area. This takes you to
the “Publish” button. Activate this button with SPACEBAR.
5. Your blog is now published, but WordPress leaves you in edit mode
on your blog, so you can make additional changes if needed.
6. If you want to save an intermediate draft and come back to publish
later, there is a “Save Draft” button near the “Publish” button.
How to get the web address of a specific blog
Go to your WordPress page, and find the blog you’re interested in. Each
blog is a heading, but is also a link, so you can find it easily with
INSERT+F7. Follow the link to your blog post. Then use ALT+D to go to the
address bar and copy the address.
How do I get a simple list of my blogs?
1. Follow the “My site” link (usually one of the first links on any
WordPress page).
2. Bring up the list of links, then find and follow the link labeled
“Blog posts”.
3. Each blog article is a header. Use INSERT+F6, or H and SHIFT+H, to
find your blog article.
After you find your blog article, arrow down or TAB down to find related
information and links pertaining to that article, including an “Edit”
link that lets you make changes.
How do I edit a post after I’ve published it?
Go to your WordPress page (or bring up the list of blog posts), and find
the header for the blog you want to edit.
Press TAB 2 or 3 times until you find the “Edit” link, then press
SPACEBAR to follow it. Note that there are multiple links labeled “Edit”,
one for each blog article. So be sure to follow the first “Edit” link
after the header for your blog. This should only be about 2 or 3 TAB
presses away. If you hear the title for another blog, you’ve probably
tabbed too far. SHIFT+H back to the blog article header and try it again.
How do I find a saved draft?
Go to your list of blog posts (that is, follow the “My Site” link, then
follow the “Blog posts” link). On the page containing the list of your
blog articles, find and follow the “Drafts” link.
Can I customize my page?
From the “My Site” page, find and follow the link called “Themes”. This
lets you pick a look and feel for your WordPress page. It might be
helpful to have assistance from a sighted person for this task.

For formatting in Word try control, shift S, or Alt H, L, A, to get to
styles, and tab to modify button, press space bar, and then tab to select
font size, colour, indentation spacing etc.

The following are the only directions for Wi-Fi I have;
Wi Fi
1. Type control panel in search menu, and press enter.
2. Type network in search menu
3. down arrow to connect to a network
4. press enter.
5. you are on the menu of available wireless network connections
a. Current connection is at the top.
b. down arrow to desired connection
c. press enter.
6. To exit the wireless connection network menu ; press escape.

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Hi guys

I was just wondering what is the most accessible blogging website with
jaws? Also How do I reformat in word, I ask because I've been posting
blogs and the text and the format in general has been all over the place,
and finally are there short cuts to finding new wireless connections

Any help would be much appreciated.


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