Re: Continuing Frustration with entering text into edit fields when in forms mode using IE and Firefox on home Windows 7 PC

Brad Martin


If this works, it would be a workaround rather than a solution. I sometimes have to do this in particular websites using Firefox, particular those that use something called "application mode." When you get to the edit field, what happens if you press Insert Z to turn off the virtual cursors. Then when you're done, you'll have to use Insert Z again to reactivate the virtual cursor.

I would also like to know if a sighted person can enter text into the same form fields if JAWS is not running. Wondering if maybe it's just an issue entering data completely?


On 6/23/2015 2:55 PM, Tom Behler via Jfw wrote:
Hello, again, everyone.,

Well, it has been a frustrating few hours here.

I have had three phone sessions with Freedom Scientific Tech Support today,
and my problem with entering text into edit fields when in forms mode on the
internet has still not been solved.

I won't name names here, but will summarize the results of each session.

Session 1: It was suggested that, since I have Jaws 14 on the home Windows
7 PC, that I upgrade to Jaws 16. The rationale for this was that I am using
Internet Explorer 11, which was not supported until Jaws 15. The thinking
was that Jaws 16 would solve the issue. I upgraded to Jaws 16.0.3048, but
the problem still persisted, both with Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Session 2: It was suggested that the Avast antivirus software was the
problem, and was likely confflicting with Jaws. So, I un-installed avast,
using the Avast removal tool from the web site while in safe mode.
Still no change.

Session 3: After trying a number of basic settings, which all proved to
be ok, a major Jaws repair was invoked. The Jaws repair did not change the
situation. In fact, I now think Internet Explorer and Firefox actually
work a bit worse than they did before.

As a result of this last session, my case has been "escalated" to the next
level of assistance. I have been given a ticket number, and hope to hear
from FS tech support within the next day or two.

I'm sure glad I have my work laptop to use as a backup!

Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan

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