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Adrian Spratt


It sounds as though your system tray is set to hide some icons. Below are instructions for how to reveal them in Windows 7. I believe they originated with David Bailes, and I added notes from my own experience when I went through the process some years ago.

Open start menu properties with Win key, escape, alt-enter.

In the first dialog, tab to and press the Notification Area Customize button. I found that the list of options appears when I shit-tabbed once.

The first item there is always turn on all icons. I pressed the spacebar on it, then tabbed to Okay.

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Earlier today someone posted instructions for getting Skype off of your task
bar completely.

The first instruction was to access Select A System Tray Icon and arrow down
to Skype.

I tried this. After entering Insert F11, I have only 4 choices to arrow to.
They are Get Windows 10, Solve PC Issues, Network 5 Internet Access and

So, will the instructions not work for JAWS 14?

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