Re: Can't Enter Text Into Forms Mode Field

judith bron

This might sound stupid but for the past year I hit the space bar instead of
the enter key to get forms mode. Good luck!

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Hello, everyone.

I'm still having issues typing characters into the edit box when on the
internet with my home Windows 7 PC.

I can arrow down or tab until I hear the forms mode sound, but when I type,
nothing gets entered into the edit box.

I had someone sighted check, and nothing gets entered onto the screen when I
do the typing in forms mode, even though the sound indicates I'm in forms

I find the issue both in Internet Explorer and in Firefox. And, I have
tried performing searches on several different web sites where info needs to
be entered into the search box.

Is there a Jaws or other setting I should check to troubleshoot the issue?

For the record, I'm using Jaws 14 on this particular computer.

Thank you!

Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan

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