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Hi, Andre. Apparently you had to try to download the file twice. The .part file was the first failed download.
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I downloaded from the link and received two files. One plainly executable
.exe and the other some kind of executable .exe.part file.

I executed the .exe file and it appears to have updated properly. My
question is what is the .exe.part file and do I need to run it? If so do I
just hit enter on it like a regular .exe file?

I'm out of my wheelhouse on this one. Your thoughts would be appreciated.


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Hi All,

Below are the download links for the latest update build, J16.0.3048, &
what's new in this build:

32 Bit:

64 Bit:

The following is a list of improvements made between the JAWS 16 May 2015
release and the June 2015 update.

To download the latest release, visit the Downloads web page.

.Addressed issues with JAWS unexpectedly exiting Forms Mode while editing or

navigating in HTML ARIA multiline edit fields.
.Text entered into the Search Box in the Windows 7 Start menu is now shown
in braille.
.Addressed reported issues with characters not being entered as expected
when typing rapidly using a braille display.
.Resolved issues with using speech in a JAWS Remote Desktop connection.
.Addressed reported Research It issues where links in the Weather lookup
source could sometimes not be activated and extraneous text was being
displayed with results in the Wikipedia lookup source. We are continuing to
work on resolving the MLB Scores issues.
.Addressed a reported issue where the Braille Viewer utility would not run
if JAWS was started using the /default command line switch, which is used
for troubleshooting. Braille Viewer allows a sighted person to see what is
on the user's braille display by displaying the JAWS braille output on the
.When the Allow Web Application Reserved Keystrokes option is enabled,
assigned punctuation characters are now passed to Facebook as expected. For
instance, pressing SHIFT+SLASH for a question mark will now open the
Keyboard Shortcut Help dialog on the Facebook web site.
.Addressed an issue reported by a customer using the Eloquence synthesizer
where the Keyboard voice was still set to English - United States even
though the profile was set to use English - United Kingdom for all contexts.
.JAWS now correctly announces the Windows 8.1 Start button as a button
instead of a list box.
.Resolved a customer reported issue with the Say Word command, INSERT+NUM
PAD 5, not working as expected in Windows Explorer.
.Resolved an issue with JAWS not working correctly in edit combo boxes when
the Windows language settings are configured for Hebrew.
.Updated the JAWS dictionary to improve the pronunciation of "live view."
Additionally, improved how Vocalizer Expressive pronounces different
combinations of characters, such as a letter followed by a number.

.Worked with Adobe on solving issues with the OCR of PDF documents in the
new Acrobat Reader DC. Adobe will release an update to Acrobat Reader DC
soon that is working as expected with JAWS 16.
.An issue was reported where JAWS appeared to become unresponsive for
several seconds when attempting to select and copy text from a very large
document. This has been corrected and copying text from large documents
should now be instantaneous.

.The ALT+UP ARROW keystroke now closes a combo box in Chrome without the
need to first use the Pass Key Through command (INSERT+3).
.Resolved an issue where the label for multiline edit fields was being shown

at the beginning of each line on the braille display in Google docs.

Microsoft Excel
.Addressed an issue where information was not being displayed correctly in
braille for spreadsheets containing hidden columns when the braille mode was

set to Current Row.

Microsoft Internet Explorer
.Pressing ENTER on submenu items on now activates the item.
.Resolved issues with JAWS not detecting changes in certain ARIA live
.If a page does not contain a main region, you are now told there is no main

region on the page when using Navigation Quick Key Q to move to the main
.The error message that is heard when using Navigation Quick Key C on a page

that does not contain combo boxes, list views, or tree views, has been
updated to also mention ARIA controls. Navigation Quick Key C also moves to
ARIA role tabs.
.The Virtual HTML Features dialog box (INSERT+F3), which allows you to
select the type of HTML element list you want to view, now includes a
"Controls (Selectable ARIA, combo, lists, and trees) List" item.
.Addressed a customer reported issue with JAWS not correctly announcing the
notification bar when pressing ENTER on a download link. Information about
the Notification Bar is now also shown on the braille display as a flash
.Resolved an issue where INSERT+UP ARROW to read the current line was not
reading the contents of an edit field in Forms Mode.

Microsoft Office
.Resolved an issue where attempting to change the keyboard language was not
working if a braille display was connected.

Microsoft Outlook
.Addressed an issue reported by the Veterans Administration with JAWS
becoming unresponsive and restarting while attempting to read certain
.When selecting a profile, a customer reported JAWS double speaking the
profile name. This has been fixed.
.When entering email recipients and you are connected to an Exchange server,

JAWS now automatically reads the information bar that is displayed if a
recipient is out of the office or they have configured an automatic reply.
This was requested by the CNIB in Canada.
.Addressed a reported issue with reading all-day appointments in Outlook
.Resolved an issue where the currently selected item in the message list was

not being spoken after closing a message or dialog box.
.Addressed an issue with braille not working as expected after moving a
message to another folder.
.Addressed a customer reported issue where the correct window title was not
being read after switching to another folder.

Microsoft Word
.Resolved an issue with reading certain text boxes navigated to using the
Inline Objects dialog box (CTRL+SHIFT+O).
.As requested by a customer, pressing CTRL+ALT+NUM PAD 5 in a table now only

reads the current cell if no column or row titles have been defined.
.JAWS now announces and shows in braille the current state of the
Hide/Browse button in the Save As dialog box.
.Addressed a situation reported by a customer where speech and braille were
lost when attempting to create a bulleted list in Word 2010.
.In Word 2010, resolved a reported issue where JAWS focus was not returning
to the document after selecting a word from the Synonyms menu.
.A customer reported that the commands to read the previous or next sentence

(ALT+UP ARROW and ALT+DOWN ARROW) were not working as expected when focused
on the first or last paragraph in a document. This is now fixed.
.After selecting an item from a combo box or toggling the state of a check
box in a form in Word 2013, addressed an issue where JAWS was repeating the
control info multiple times when focus returned to the document.

Mozilla Firefox
.Resolved an issue where the page title was not always being spoken
correctly on dynamic web pages.
.To help eliminate any possible confusion, long labels on radio buttons,
check boxes, and buttons that exceed the specified line length for the
Virtual Cursor will no longer wrap to multiple lines.
.Resolved an issue with Forms Mode not working as expected after using the
ALT+DOWN ARROW keystroke to open a combo box.
.JAWS now speaks the selected text when you attempt to select the contents
of a table cell in some web-based editors.
.When using the Select a Form Field dialog box (INSERT+F5) to move to a
specific form field, resolved an issue where JAWS was not automatically
reading the field prompt when focus moved to it.
.Improved JAWS performance with ARIA slider controls so the correct
left/right orientation is indicated.

Mozilla Thunderbird
.Improved JAWS performance when navigating large messages. In addition, JAWS

no longer reads the selected item twice after deleting a message.

Enhancements in JAWS 16.0.2342 (May 2015)

As a result of our automatic error reporting feature pointing out an issue,
we were able to post this intermediate update to improve stability.

Take care.
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