Doing a clean uninstall and reinstall of JAWS.

Tim Ford

Just changing the subject line to be descriptive. I also deleted the almost 90 pages of the list digest, since the question is understandable without any background.

Tim Ford

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How easy is it to do a clean uninstall and reinstall? Could I do it,
as a blind person, by myself or would it be best if I had some one who
could see talk me through it? I do have some other computer issues, so
maybe waiting till mydays off this week may be best. But if any of you
would feel comfortable guiding me through the process of uninstalling
or reinstalling JAWS please give me your contact info. If possible,
could you contact me off list, those of you who could help me? On list
it can be cluttery with the other messages to sort through.

Regards, Ryan Coverdell

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