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If you go to the following link, you can access your cue. Haven't tried
searching or adding to cue yet.

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You know, with all the hardships that I read within this EList, especially
regarding Netflix and other such sites-I know I'm having my share of woes
regarding these-I think the fault lay not only with sites like Netflix that
change configurations as often as they change their underwear, but also with
Freedom Scientific for not keeping the programs compatible and current with
a lot of new programs and changing graphics. If screenreaders were able to
recognize changing graphics, I think things would be a lot more accessible.
No one saw this Netflix change coming; I mean, the site is definitely
changed completely to the point where I cannot find my DVD queue; if they
were phasing out the DVD queue, news of this should have been announced to
subscribers long ago, but if this is merely a configuration issue where more
is made of graphics, well, then I guess that, right now, they'll lose a lot
of subscribers who can't figure out the situation, but my hope is that
screenreading software is keeping up with the times, because they're
certainly *NOT* slowing down for us.


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