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Adrian Spratt

Thanks. Useful observation and, as always, good advice.

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I've noticed lately that most reboots after installation take
significantly longer than I would expect (even taking into account
that reboot after install won't have the normal decreased boot time
associated with win8.1). Given how simply turning off a booting system
is one of the few remaining ways to mess up an operating system
install I would suggest waiting much longer than five minutes before
assuming that the reboot is hung. My jaws upgrade took close to that
today and I've had a few MS updates take more than 20 minutes after
reboot, but the point is that the system did eventually come around.

On 6/22/15, Adrian Spratt via Jfw <jfw@...> wrote:
When I rebooted an hour ago, I was notified of a new JAWS release. Against
my better judgment, I went ahead with the installation. As usual, I was
required to reboot on completion. After about five minutes, I decided
something was wrong because the rebooting process got hung. So I shut down
the PC and restarted. It took a while, but eventually the PC came back to
life and JAWS reloaded. Ultimately a good result, but the experience brought
back bad memories of earlier JAWS releases. In the future, I'll make sure to
have sighted assistance nearby when I install a new JAWS release, just in
case. I wonder if this process went more smoothly for others.
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